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TEKNIK DEKOR ALUMINIUM manufactures and exports, aluminum profiles, pvc profiles, balcony glazing profiles, handrail profiles, schonline pvc profiles, sigma profiles, sigma profile systems, flyscreens, flyscreen systems, flyscreen profiles, plastic panels, shutters, joinery profiles, furniture profiles, advertising profiles, aluminum sheets, composite panels, rail cabinet doors, sliding doors and Automatic Doors.Plisse Screen Systems. Aluminium Pergole system, retractable roof system,Shop Fittings and Retail displays. Established in 1970 our company gives services for Aluminum and PVC profiles and accessories. Our company is a solution partner for project consulting, marketing, sales, manufacturing, installation and after-sales services with our experienced staff. Apart from joinery and balcony glazing profiles, handrail profiles and accessories, Schönline PVC profiles, sigma profile system, flyscreen system profiles and accessories, plastic panels, jambs, shutters and the joinery profiles, furniture and advertising profiles, aluminum sheets and composite panels we also manufacture and sell composite panel cutting and grouting, custom mold manufacturing and mechanical workmanship for flyscreens,Plisse Insect Screens and rail cabinet doors and sliding and Automatic doors and panels. We also manufacture ,shop fittings and retail indoor and outdoor display stands, to increase the visual impact of companies. Recently we have started to manufacture Aluminium Pergolas with its various series, is a rail awning system enabling you to expand your outdoor areas and use them all the year around. The retractable roof system with its clean lines and modern design, provides protection from sun, rain and wind. We will be happy to see you among our customers especially architects, builders, cabinetmakers, carpenters, educational equipment manufacturers, private mansions, hotels, restaurants, store owners.

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Established Date: 1970  Tax Office: Bayrampaşa  Tax Number: 1950098331  Staff Count: 1-5  Export Specialist: Cihan YÜKSEL